Prevention Magazine - I Thought I Had Alzheimer's

Sometimes with aging comes forgetful moments. But your doctor may lead you to believe you have the most common form of dementia called Alzheimers, even if you don't. That is exactly what happened to Hudson Peel (age 81) and Miriam McCall (age 69) featured in Prevention Magazine's piece titled "I Thought I Had Alzheimer's". Alzheimers is a form of dementia which is a neurological impairment that impacts day to day life and prevents its' sufferers from leading a normal life. This August we were on the road again photographing these two inspiring individuals in Meriden, CT and Canton, OH. 

Dad Time Iceland: Motion

We are super excited to share our completed motion feature from Dad Time - Iceland. While shooting this personal project in Iceland we met six amazing Dads who gave us an unparalleled perspective on fatherhood abroad. This peaceful country created the perfect landscape for this next installment of #dadtime and we could not be happier with the results. Special thanks to Björn Thors, Valtýr Gunnarsson, Anthony Bacigalupo, Sæþór Randalsson, Ágúst Karlsson & Ragnar Hansson. 

YMCA Swim Lessons

Learning to swim for the first time can be an uphill battle. Although with the help of a great instructor and knowledgable lifeguards, it can turn that battle into a victory. This past fall we had a great time hanging out at the local C.W. Avery Family YMCA in Plainfield, Illinois, on another challenging water assignment for the YUSA. There we met swim instructors Rachel and Sammie who were an inspiration to our talent in the water. The kids were ecstatic to show off their swim moves and learn a few new ones. Of course we wanted to break out the underwater camera housing for some dynamic angles at and below the surface.  Check out some of our favorite shots below.


Client: YUSA
Casting: Callie Lipkin Photography
Producer: Trevor Power
Grooming: Lauren Frenden
Wardrobe: Lavi Toma
Digital: Leah Fithian
Assistants: Kevin Serna, Lyndon French

North Shore + 88 Brand Partners

This past summer we had the exciting opportunity to be a part of a lifestyle shoot with North Shore and 88 Brand Partners. This two-day shoot took us through about a dozen scenarios both at home and in a medical setting.

Every family has medical needs — even healthy ones. Our first day on set consisted of three generations enjoying life at home.  For the second day, we wanted to showcase the positive experience with North Shore's Immediate Care Centers. With the collaboration of 88 Brand Partners creative team, we were able to capture beautiful details of hardworking individuals in their element and the families they help. 

Octogenarian Athletes for Prevention

This summer, we had an incredible opportunity to photograph two women for Prevention Magazine who are maintaining their bodies and minds through sports. Joan Campbell is an 87 year-old national record holding swimmer. And Flo Meiler is an 83 year-old world record holding track and field star.

To say we were wowed by these women is a complete understatement. We witnessed Flo doing the long jump, pole vaulting, soaring over hurdles, and throwing javelins as well as shot puts. Joan was in the water for a couple of hours, diving in and swimming countless laps in the pool. We captured a range of above and underwater shots, shooting both stills and video. We also captured short interviews with them both, and you can see the motion piece we put together with Joan's story below.

Calumet Fisheries Motion

We are excited to share the motion component from our Calumet Fisheries project. Covered in layers of char from almost a century of smoking seafood, Calumet is one of the only smokehouses in the city that still smokes fish the old fashioned way.  You can see the accompanying stills in the stories section of our website.